It's an in-joke.

Root gave me some good advice.

I'm a sculpture.

Roderick tucked his shirt into his pants.

He is acquainted with my wife.

It seemed like a good idea at the time.


Skef pushed the door open and looked inside.

We have a lot of snow in February.

My infancy was more than happy.

Shawn complained about the weather.

Anteaters and aardvarks are similar.

Everyone would like to believe that dreams can come true.

She seems short beside her sister.

Dan wasn't even born when Linda graduated.

The line is busy now.


Jeffie thought Betsy could help.


We offered to help them move.


I knew you had a girlfriend!

Tell him to shut up.

Raman is prudent.

He often dates Justin.

Johnnie closed the door and he and Nicolas started kissing.

You've got another MILF? What happened to the last one?

It disappointed them.

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Is that peanut butter?

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They don't know English.


You can stay tonight with me.

That would be fatal.

Derek can be very persuasive.

Please don't take the documents out of this room.

When did Briggs go to Boston?

Remember what I told you yesterday.

Nelken is interested in many things.

You should refrain from smoking.

If only her husband helped her, most of her problems at home would disappear.

I still have one more question for you.

In the morning, the air is cool.


Do you really think you can do this?

I bet I get there before you.

We ought to help each other.

Mark and I have been friends since grade school.

There are many ways to be happy. The one I most like is being with you.

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We eat every evening at six.


If I knew him better, I would tell him the truth.


King said he'd almost given up.

I don't know where my French textbook is.

Who built the snowman?


Why on earth did you sell your newly built house?

He has started for London.

Why did you say that to me?

He gazed upon his rescuer.

Frankly speaking, I actually wanted to stay at home, instead of going out.

You don't think that's going to happen, do you?

She must be his girlfriend.

Sofoklis was pronounced dead on arrival.

That girl is certainly a hard worker.

Were there any casualties?

You're not very happy, are you?

She was the only one to survive the crash.

Most migratory birds don't get why, once they've flown south, they don't just stay there.

How many of us get the chance?

I'm just asking you to think about it.

Don't throw bones to the dog!

Darryl lives and works in Boston.

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We don't even know Amedeo.

He had learned English before he left for England.

You're a funny gal.

Left outside the freezer, the juice will get warm.

I'm going to go out and take a walk.

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The old man was plodding along.

I've got no money left.

Caroline told me that he was planning to quit his job.

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His story turned out to be false.

We think Roy may be in trouble.

I think I'd rather be fishing.

Dimetry didn't know that he was adopted until he was thirteen.

Why aren't you with him?

I helped other people do it.

Matthias pointed to the back room.


Sorry I couldn't come over yesterday. Something came up.

Swamy reacted negatively.

Stop or I'll pull the car over!


Does that price include tax?


Nobody is going to notice, I suppose.

Your jacket and tie don't go together.

I lived in this house as a child.


Mike likes cats.


Isn't that strange?

Sergiu doesn't like being told what to do.

Jack loves Ben more than himself.

The rank and file members of the union attended a stop-work meeting to vote on the proposal to take strike action.

Milo went over and hugged Myrick.

Pontus moved to Boston in 2003.

Knitting can be an expensive hobby.


You can't be busy all the time.

There was blood on The's pillow.

I can't speak Vietnamese.

Ole canceled his hotel reservation.

I've never been to an election before.


My mother is a sister of their mother.

I bought a cat at that shop.

Do you understand that?

I have a mission to complete.

Regardless what you may do, the outcome will still be the same.

I hear you're looking for a new assistant.

I don't understand this chart.

Maybe Sam doesn't have children.

I told Brett how proud I was.

Marriage is a type of human rights violation.

We'll be in Boston for just a few days.

Two days later, Perry was dead.

Wait until dark.


Marguerite has to share a room with his brother.

The fruits suffer the effect of heat.

An own goal occurs when a player scores a goal into his team's net.

I felt something was wrong.

I cannot eat anything today.

We can just about read each other's minds.

Who are you trying to kid?


Put the box down.

I'm worried about what'll happen if Real doesn't win.

You're going to like Collin.


He's a sex worker.

On account of illness, I couldn't call on you today.

"Pop, pop," sounded in the air, and the two wild geese fell dead among the rushes, and the water was tinged with blood.

Metaphors aren't meant to be taken literally.

What did you see at that time?

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I didn't do it on purpose.

I think it's time for me to do my homework.

It will be four years before the definite result of beef liberalization emerges.

I don't think Konrad would agree.

He drove carelessly and had an accident.


She didn't say a word to me.


Insects are very nutritious and a good source of protein.

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Thanks for coming by.


Go over to Jeff's.

She was trembling with fear.

Don't you know the saying "good manners even between friends?"


I'll see you whenever it suits you.

How's your new job going?

The prime minister's businesslike approach to welfare reform earned him accolades among the upper class.

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He was a hero of the African campaign in World War II.

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Please forward my mail to this address.

I'm dying of laughter!

It was not easy to put out the fire at once.

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Marnix told Jochen exactly what to do.


Orville's family has house in the mountains.


I'm uncomfortable around people like Sumitro.


Stop it. You're making me blush.


What would people think?


There are a lot of things you don't know about my personality.

His efforts come to little.

Pieter just told us about what happened.

I can't just let him kill me.

Hungry puppies are barking on the street.

I'm proud of my children.

He said it for the sake of a witty remark.

He has to come.

Up to this point I have presented an overview of the growth of political unrest in the period.


I spent the whole week working on that report.